A non-governmental Youth and Students Organization, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) which was founded in 1972.

It defines itself as "an independent organization and Islamic forum that supports the work of Muslim organizations and needy communities the world over". While WAMY's international headquarters are located in Saudi Arabia, the organization also maintains satellite chapters in 56 additional countries and is affiliated with some 500 other Muslim youth /Students organization on five continents.

Established in South Africa in January, 2001 and legally registered as:
- Public benefit organization (PBO no 930003514) with South African Revenue Service. Section 18 A
- Non-governmental Organization (NPO 033-578)with the Department of Social Welfare
- An active member of World Conference on Religion for Peace (WCRP)
- A Member of the Proudly South African Campaign

Specifically, WAMY aims to achieve the following:
- Preserve the identity of Muslim youth and help overcome the problems they face in modern society.
- Educate and train them in order for them to become active and positive citizens in their countries.
- Introduce Islam to non-Muslims in its purest form as a comprehensive system and way of life.
- Establish a relationship of dialogue, understanding & appreciation between Muslim organizations & other societies.
- Provide assistance to Muslim & non-Muslim organizations to fulfill these goals through training & co-operation.

Towards achieving the above aims, WAMY holds regional and local Muslim youth and student camps; helps to establish Muslim scout groups; organizes conferences, symposia, workshops and research circles "to address youth and students issues"; publishes books, brochures, reports, and exhibition material "that best introduce Islam to non-Muslims in its holistic vision"; organizes exchange visits, Hajj and Umra trips; and provides training and support to Muslim youth organizations around the world.

These activities have earned WAMY the designation of "humanitarian and relief-works organization" from the United Nations. Our interests are youth education, youth development, and serving the communities."


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