Community Development:

Community Development Exchange defines community development as:

“Both an occupation (such as a community development worker in a local authority) and a way of working with communities. Its key purpose is to build communities based on justice, equality and mutual respect.

Community development involves changing the relationships between ordinary people and people in positions of power, so that everyone can take part in the issues that affect their lives. It starts from the principle that within any community there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, can be channeled into collective action to achieve the communities' desired goals.

- We mobilized youth towards Climate Justice and held a number of programs to create awareness around Climate Change.
- We build a low costing house for a child head household and provide them with food.
- We dag wells and provided clean drinking water.
- We distributed food and meat to various communities


Medical and Community Outreach Program

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth holds 2 Medical and Outreach Programs annually to promote health care and secure communities. This program is held in association with the Islamic Medical Association, Muslim Student Association and other various CBO's.

The aims and objectives of the program are:

- To provide a vital Medical service to the needy Communities, medical Screening to the recipients of our various projects and their communities.
- To provide an opportunity for Muslim Doctors, our medical students and graduates to volunteer their time to serve humanity (huququl Ibaad – rights to mankind).
- Opportunity to empathise with the plight of the disadvantaged communities thus making them conscience and aware of hardships and realities.
- To invite people to Islam i.e. Dawah and encourage and develop the youth to participate in community development.

Since 2001, we have held 10 Medical and outreach programs serving and providing this service to over 10000 people.

We also distribute winter warm materials like clothes and blankets to needy communities especially Orphans and Elderly people.

Medical and Community Outreach Program
Winter Operation
Special Programmes
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